Here is a common list of questions that your pet has for us and our answers…

When I get sick or am coming to visit for my well visit, what times are you open?
If I have a favorite doctor, can I schedule my appointments to see only that doctor?
It’s my first time visiting your clinic. Do I need to bring anything?
When I visit for my annual exam, which vaccines are needed and why?
If I get a rabies vaccine, do I need to get a rabies tag?
I’m always so scared, why do I have to see the doctor two times in the same year?
How old do I have to be before I can be spayed or neutered?
I'm a Kitty that likes to scratch on things, It makes my owner mad, but I can't help it.
Can I take Tylenol, aspirin, pepto bismol, benedryl or other medications that my pet parents take to make them feel better?