Obesity Awareness

A few holiday pounds are one thing, but what about when the scale continues to go up and up?  For people we can consciously do things to better our weight, such as eating healthy and daily exercise, but what if a similar situation happened with our furry companion? They can’t simply say I’ll go on a diet, or I’ll add an extra walk into my day, they depend on us to help them.  Since this month is National Pet Obesity Awareness, let’s look at a few things regarding obesity in our pets.


                                                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of PetObesityPrevention.org


According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, almost 60% of both household cats and dogs are obese! Obesity can lead to many health issues, and shortened lives. Like people a portioned diet, and exercise can go a long way to help your pet shed those extra pounds.  If you believe your pet is overweight, schedule an appointment with your primary Veterinarian to discuss a treatment plan to get your pet healthy. In the meantime check out https://petobesityprevention.org/ to read more about pet obesity, how to prevent it and helpful tips for weight loss!