We offer a full range of general practice veterinary care for your furry friend.  Our doctors experience, coupled with our strong team of nurses, is prepared to provide veterinary care including:

All Pet Wellness Care – this includes preventative care exams, parasite exams, vaccinations, and counseling and assistance with nutrition and a wide range of flea and tick preventatives depending on the pets environment.  Additionally, we ensure the vaccination protocol for your pet is individually tailored to the circumstances, including using three year vaccines where possible.

Emergency Care – we are open 7 days a week in part because we understand things happen; and our four legged buddies can create real havoc from time to time.  If that happens, we are here to help.  With an in-house laboratory and radiology available, and no emergency fees added to our regular exams, we are capable of handling most pet emergencies.  We also have specialists available (beyond Dr. Katie, our own Board Certified Specialist!) to assist in difficult cases.

Dental Care – Periodontal disease is the number one problem for cats and dogs.  Regular dental care will give your pet a healthier, longer life; as dental problems can effect not just the mouth, but the heart, kidney, and other organs.  What begins as stinky breath can literally lead to a life threatening condition.  Make sure to carefully consider dental care for your pet to have a healthy, happy pet!.

Surgical Needs – We provide a wide range of surgical care, from spay and neuter operations to complex foreign body removals.  An important part of the surgical puzzle for our clinic is the recognition of what we can do; and what is better referred to a specialist.  We do almost all soft tissue surgery, including tumor removals; as well as providing very humane declaw operations for indoor cats.